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EVAmerica was founded by Albert E. Curtis III, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), as a Limited Liability Company on March 16, 2006 to own the assets, provide space, management staff, and employees, to design, develop, manufacture and assemble electric and hybrid-electric medium to heavy duty vehicles.  The company was publicly announced by Congressman Zack Wamp, 3rd District Representative of Tennessee at the Tennessee Valley Corridor 2006 National Summit in Chattanooga, Tennessee on June 1st.

EVAmerica will become the premier designer, developer and manufacturer/assembler of electric and hybrid-electric medium to heavy duty vehicles in the United States.  Additionally, the company will offer hybrid systems for installation in other manufacturer's vehicle's through the Power and Propulsion Division of the company.

The organization will begin by developing 22-foot electric buses with the latest and best technology comparable to those already operating in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The company will grow, in a controlled and systematic process, to develop three or four more models that may include the use of auxiliary power units for hybridization. We will assure that the company will employ individuals with a strong knowledge of the electric and hybrid-electric vehicle industry, a clear understanding of the benefits and challenges of advanced technology vehicles, and experience in public transportation, the initial market for EVAmerica.

A prototype of the 22-foot bus has been conceptually designed by Robert J. Davis, Director of Engineering and Design will be built by EVAmerica in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Mr. Davis is recognized as the father of the electric bus industry, and is well respected for his electric bus designs.  The company will also be developing a family of designs that can be powered with a number on electric power systems and hybrid electric systems from internal combustion engines to hydrogen fuel cells.

By developing new technology EVAmerica will continue to advance electric, hybrid electric and alternative energy technology propulsion systems for use in EVAmerica's, as well as other manufacturer’s, vehicles.

EVAmerica will consist of four divisions; (1) vehicle manufacturing and assembly, (2) propulsion system manufacturing and assembly, (3) research and development and (4) power system devices. 

Mission Statement

EVAmerica's mission is to develop, build and market electric, hybrid electric and alternative technology vehicles and propulsion systems which address the national and international energy security, environment, and transportation needs of the future.

Vision Statement

EVAmerica will be the leading advanced alternative energy vehicle and propulsion systems developer and producer of the 21st century combining the latest and best technology with proficient manufacturing to meet the transportation needs of today, tomorrow and the future.