EVAmerica has established a number of doctrines that will define the company: 

EVAmerica will be, first and foremost, a quality vehicle and propulsion system manufacturing and assembly company.  By focusing on building quality products, EVAmerica, will maintain a solid reputation in the advanced technology industry.   

EVAmerica will be customer oriented.  By combining quality products with customer service EVAmerica will quickly position itself as a leader in the electric vehicle industry. 

EVAmerica will be a community organization.  First, it must be a community of component manufacturers and suppliers.  Working closely with all suppliers will maximize the chances for delivering a reliable and quality product.  Secondly, it must be a community of companies and organizations in and around Chattanooga. 

EVAmerica will be a key advocate for educational change in and around Chattanooga.  The ability to hire and retain qualified employees who can provide the support needed to grow the company is directly related to the education.

Finally, EVAmerica will be an employee focused organization.  Employees can make or break any effort or activity associated with EVAmerica.  Focusing on recruiting and retaining quality employees will be a primary focus for EVAmerica.